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Re: no mp3-view in kio (audiocd)

Am Montag, 22. Oktober 2001 14:51 schrieb Frank Dekervel:
> Op maandag 22 oktober 2001 16:34, schreef Andy Toenz:
> > i'm not sure about the audiocd kio-slave. Is it true that no mp3 support
> > is compiled in (Ivan E. Moore) ??
> >
> > Is this because MP3 isn't as free as OGG/Vorbis ?
> i tought liblame or so was detected at runtime , and if it was detected,
> support for mp3 is enabled ( i have an 'mp3' tab in the kcontrol module)

runtime detection of liblame will be in KDE 3, not yet in KDE 2.2.X


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