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Re: kivio line connector tool doesn't work in kde packages for potato.

> I'm running the kde packages for potato from kde.debian.net and found that
> the kivio line connector tool does not work at all. I searched the archives
> to see this mentioned back in April so why is this still broken?

The connector tool was broken in one of the KOffice beta releases and
fixed in the next.

KOffice was always going to be difficult to backport to potato, but the
KOffice 1.1-final release depends on KDE 2.2 so this makes it even less
likely that it will be backported for potato users.  The good news is that
the woody release isn't (in theory) too far away. :)

At the moment all my debian time is going into getting stuff ready for
woody, but if someone else wants to take the koffice 1.1-final sources and
try a backport then they're more than welcome. :)


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