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Re: locale settings?

Believe it or not, what has been suggested to you will fix your Kylix  problem. 
Although occassionally other apps may complain about the setting and then
continue working.

On 08-Oct-2001 John Gay wrote:
> On Monday 08 October 2001 01:13, you wrote:
>> John Gay wrote:
>> > I realise this is probably a stupid question, but . . .
>> >
>> > I just installed Kylix on my system but it refuses to start with the
>> > following error:
>> >
>> > LC_ALL is set to C. Can't start Kylix.
>> This is a fairly common question on newsgroups.borland.com kylix install
>> group. Just add the following line to your users .bashrc file:
>> export LC_ALL=en_US
>> (Use another language to substitute for en_US if not appropriate to your
>> location.)
>> Reboot, and that's it.
> But doesn't that only affect the terminal? I am looking for a way for the kde
> menu item to run properly. I can change the LC_ALL variable in a terminal and
> startkylix from the terminal, but I want the kde menu to work.
> Thanks for the replies! 
>       John Gay
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