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Re: no mp3-view in kio (audiocd)

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On Monday 22 October 2001 20:22, Maximilian Reiss wrote:
> Am Montag, 22. Oktober 2001 14:51 schrieb Frank Dekervel:
> > Op maandag 22 oktober 2001 16:34, schreef Andy Toenz:
> > > i'm not sure about the audiocd kio-slave. Is it true that no mp3
> > > support is compiled in (Ivan E. Moore) ??
> > >
> > > Is this because MP3 isn't as free as OGG/Vorbis ?
> >
> > i tought liblame or so was detected at runtime , and if it was detected,
> > support for mp3 is enabled ( i have an 'mp3' tab in the kcontrol module)

OK, I recompiled kdebase and changed the rules - file by adding a
"--with-lame" to the configure-line and installed the Lame-deb from a source
I'm not sure any more...
Anyway, after some Problems with a "libXm.so" (why does KDE need lesstif
installed??? I'm running woody with the sid-KDE-Packages...) I managed to
compile the Package - but nothing changed! I still don't get any
"mp3"-pseudo-dir! What have I made wrong? Is there some log for the
configure-command, maybe there was a fault at lame-detection (i compiled 4
times, i did not look all to close anymore...) and so lame was skipped? Maybe
Ivan can help us here.
PS: As soon as I got working packages I will build them with the latest
sources as soon as they appear and I will put them somewhere (i386...). I
hope you can use them as well...I'll tell you about it;-)


> runtime detection of liblame will be in KDE 3, not yet in KDE 2.2.X

I'm lookin' forward...

> 	Max

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