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Re: Euro support for Kde 2

El Lun 22 Oct 2001 19:14, Hendrik Sattler escribió:
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> Am Montag, 22. Oktober 2001 18:33 schrieb P. de Vicente:
> >   The document Victor speaks about is a link that Antonio Larrosa sent to
> > us in the KDE-es list. The link pointed here:
> >
> > http://koffice.kde.org/kword/euro.phtml
> For me it did _not_ work this way, but you can also see the discussion on
> this subject in the archive of this list.
> HS


 Thanks for pointing me to the archive list. For me it did not work either. 
After reading, trying and rereading those messages from July I find that I 
got it partially working after :

- installing xfonts-100dpi-transcoded and xfonts-75dpi-transcoded to get 
ISO-8859-15 fonts.
- modifying /etc/locale.gen and adding es_ES@euro es_ES@ISO-8859-15
- running locale-gen to get es_ES@ISO-8859-15
- changing LANG=es_ES@ISO-8859-15 in /etc/language-es which is called by 
/etc/profile and /etc/bash.bashrc

 The EuroSign will show if I start the applications from the konsole because 
LANG=es_ES@ISO-8859-15. If I do not run the applications from the command 
line variable LANG does not get read as es_ES@ISO-8859-15 and the EuroSign 
does not get displayed. Anybody knows how to fix this?. I have read a thread 
in this lista about the LANG variable in KDE from April but the solutions 
there do not work for me.

Pablo de Vicente
KDE spanish translation team

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