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Re: kmail doesn't render HTML messages

On October 4, 2001 06:55 pm, Oliver Johns wrote:

As I recall,  that version has a 'settings - configure kmail - appearance' or 
such where you have to select to use the 'new features of KMail' and not 
'traditional'.  I had no problems upgrading to KDE 2.2 incidentally and the 
new 1.3 has a few nice improvements.

> Hi,
> Has anyone else seen this, or am I missing the point somewhere?
> I have an up to date testing system, with KDE 2.1.2 and kmail 1.2.
> About two weeks ago, kmail suddenly stopped rendering HTML email
> messages.  They now come out as the ASCII codes instead.  Before two
> weeks ago, the HTML was rendered correctly, and automatically.  I can
> cut and paste the HTML into a file and see it correctly in konqueror
> or netscape, so it seems to be good HTML.  Is it possible that
> upgrade of some package about that time upset kmail's ability to
> render HTML?


Merv Curley
Toronto, On.  Ca

Libranet Linux 1.9.1 
KDE 2.2 -  Kmail 1.3.1

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