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Re: KreateCD package

Christophe Prud'homme wrote:

> [Tim Kelley    Tuesday 23 October 2001 05:56 pm]:
>    | What's wrong with koncd?  It seemed pretty excellent to me, aside from a
>    | few bugs, and also was a nice front end to mkisofs.
> Nothing is wrong with koncd, actually it is being plugged in kde3/multimedia
> in the mean time kreatecd for 2.2 foes a good job and I might also create the
> package for koncd. It is just a question of choice.
> Last time I tried(quite some time) koncd it was not very well polished.
> Now if you say that it is good and works well then may be I'll give it a try
> and package it. But again it is all a question of choice.
> Neil Stevens( a Kde developper ) posted  a review of kreatecd on freekde.org
> check out
> http://www.freekde.org/article.php?sid=37&mode=&order=0
> C.

I'll probably get flamed for mentioning this on a KDE group...

The problem with KreateCD is that it won't do disk-at-once writes of audio CDs,
right?  This is a big downer if, like me, you do a lot of recording of classical
stuff with long single takes that need track marks putting in the middle of a
wav file.  If you use track-at-once, there's always a silence before the track

So I'll have to stick to gcdmaster <d&r>
http://cdrdao.sourceforge.net/gcdmaster/index.html  I was really glad to hear
from the review that DAO recording is just around the corner.  I vote for it!


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