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Re: Odd copying/pasting question

On Wednesday 17 October 2001 02:53, Sunny Dubey wrote:

> I want to some how disable the ability to copy text just by
> highlighting it. IMNSHO this is an old and out dated, and I am
> hoping (more like wishing) that KDE has some sort of mechanism to
> simply prevent or prohibit the copying of text by highlighting it.

> Any ideas, insights, or clues??  thanks much for your time

There is a copy & paste history (klipper).

You can configure kwrite not to autocopy on mouse selection.

My kword (1.1pre-beta2) does not autocopy on mouse selection by 
default and I found no way of configuring that. So it behaves like a 
Windows program in this respect. I don't whether you are using a 
different version or if that has changed in a newer version.

Furthermore I find that autoselection thing pretty handy. Everytime I 
have to copy&paste something in Windows, I forget C-c. Then I'm quite 
stunned because nothing gets inserted on C-v. :-)


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