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Re: Finally get to see what KDE2.2 looks like?

On Sunday 21 October 2001 06:26, Bruce <bestb@sympatico.ca>wrote:
> I have been running woody with no stability complaints for quite a while; I
> am running woody with those packages from sid that I have a good reason to
> install, such as KDE 2.2.1 (i.e., the sid version has fixed some glitch,
> offers a new feature, etc.). Going from potato to woody should be painless

Yes, this is my third day/night of downloading. apt-get -f dist-upgrade wants 
to download 420M of packages. Thank God weekend rates here are the same as 

> (aside from the volume of  downloads - what a difference a dsl connection
> makes :)). However, I have heard that there may be some glitches if you are
> going from Progeny to woody. I have not tried it recently (i.e., following
> their recent upgrade instructions, which hopefully catch any big pitfalls),

Well, I'm following their instructions. The only main point I notice is to 
install apt first, followed by apt-get -f dist-upgrade and to follow this up 
with installing modconf and running it.

> but I have heard of problems in doing it without guidance. A straight
> apt-get dist-upgrade from progeny to woody may result in some unexpected
> failures (i.e. I know of someone doing a straight Progeny install, then
> adjusting the /etc/apt/sources.list to woody, and doing an apt-get
> dist-upgrade, and ending up killing their network connection).
> For a workstation installation, going to woody is worth the trouble.
My main reason for the upgrade, besides the death of Progeny, is to see 
KDE2.2. Since this is not in woody yet, I'm not sure if I'm going to chance 
installing the Sid packages or just wait for it to hit testing. At least when 
it hits testing I know Ivan has not needed to 'fix' anything for two weeks, 
but then with the way Ivan is allways busting his but to get things perfect, 
it might be a while before it gets two whole weeks without being updated ; )

> Bruce

Thanks for the info. I'll see how Woody goes for a while before I try 
installing Sid packages for KDE2.2.


	John Gay

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