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kmail doesn't render HTML messages


Has anyone else seen this, or am I missing the point somewhere?

I have an up to date testing system, with KDE 2.1.2 and kmail 1.2.  
About two weeks ago, kmail suddenly stopped rendering HTML email 
messages.  They now come out as the ASCII codes instead.  Before two 
weeks ago, the HTML was rendered correctly, and automatically.  I can 
cut and paste the HTML into a file and see it correctly in konqueror 
or netscape, so it seems to be good HTML.  Is it possible that 
upgrade of some package about that time upset kmail's ability to 
render HTML?

I have checked the following kmail settings:

Folder:"Prefer HTML to plain text"   --- checked

Settings:Configuration:Appearance:Layout:"Prefer plain text to HTML 
rendering"  --- unchecked.


where xxx is the name of each folder defined.

Oliver Johns <ojohns@metacosmos.org>
San Francisco, California USA
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