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Re: konsole issues

On Mon, Oct 22, 2001 at 05:24:14PM -0400, Justin R. Miller wrote:

> I'm running unstable, so I have KDE 2.2.1.  Whenever I make an app
> launcher and check 'run in terminal', it runs the app (like Mutt) inside
> of an xterm and not konsole.  I've even looked into the whole
> System::Konsole::General section of kcontrol and those settings have no
> effect.  Any ideas as to why this happens?

In kcontrol the 'console' application is probably set for
'x-terminal-emulator', which is the default 'terminal emulator' for _all_
Debian applications. You can either change that (only for KDE) or change
x-terminal-emulator via 'update-alternatives' which makes konsole available
to all applications that need a terminal.

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