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Re: Install KLyX

On Sat, Oct 20, 2001 at 12:41:47AM -0400, Bruce wrote:
> Isn't KLyX esssentially dead? I would look at the Lyx homepage (www.lyx.org); 
> I seem to recall that Klyx is more or less abandoned, and you will get far 
> more mileage out of the current version of Lyx itself.

From my reading of the semi-annual LyX Weekly News, it seems that KLyX is
dead.  Matthias Ettrich (sp?) was the founder of both the LyX and KDE
projects, so for a while he worked on porting LyX to KDE.  I think there was
a port to KDE 1.x, then the beginnings of a KDE2 port, but it was abandoned
after a split in the LyX community over whether to pursue a GUII
(GUI-toolkit Independant) version of LyX which would run under a number of
toolkits, with Qt/KDE being one of them (console being another!), and doing
a quick port to KDE and maintaining to seperat-ish trees.
Currently it contains support for GTK, Qt and XForms, but only XForms is
usable.  If you know your C++, then head on over to www.lyx.org and see if
you can help any of the other ports along.

I've been using LyX 1.1.6fix(1|2|3) for quite a while now for physics
reports at uni, and it works very well, especially (as everyone says) for
the mathematics parts.  The only niggle for me is XForms; it's very much
non-Free, and quite butt-ugly.  Also, it's handling of the mouse is slightly

As an aside, apparently the author of XForms promised to GPL it when it
reached either (IIRC) 0.89 (where it is now) or 0.9; I heard two different

So, I guess the gist is:  either use (the unmaintained, no-longer-developed)
KLyX, switch to regular LyX or wait until the new version with Qt support is

Disclaimer: I have no relation to the LyX project (aside from being a happy
end-user), and the above is based on my dim recollection of various things
that I've read, so take it all with a large grain of salt.

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