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Re: KMail and Outlook?

On Sat, Oct 20, 2001 at 07:06:17PM +0200, Franz Keferboeck wrote:

> a possibility to share the mail-folders between lin & win. It would be best 
> to be able to do this with KMail and Outlook (Express and "normal"), but also 
> other solutions qould be possible! Thnx in advance

Not on-disk unless you wish to write code for it[1].  I know a couple of
people with a similar requirement solve the problem by storing the mail
on an IMAP server and pointing the various mail clients at that.
Unfortnately, this does require multiple machines and non-trivial setup
unless your ISP provides an IMAP server.

[1] As well as having KMail understand Outlook folders it would be
    possible to write a MAPI back end that could understand a Unix
    mail spool - perhaps easier.

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