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Re: Kwork/Koffice

> This question may offend some, but I just have to ask it.
> Background:
> While advocating the virtues of Linux to my wife, I convinced her to 
> start her term paper on AbiWord (about 2 years ago).  By the third page 
> of her paper, everything crashed in AbiWord and it was simply incapable 
> of typing more than 2-3 characters without some serious display problems.

Hardly surprising - 2 years ago AbiWord was pretty immature. It's a lot
better now...

> I'm looking for experiences with Kword and it's ability to perform on 
> large papers.  Feature-wise, I have never managed to migrate past what 
> Word 4.0 offered, so I'm not looking for much.  Actually nothing more 
> than what HTML offers would be fine as far as page layout.
> What's really important is the integrity and stability of the 
> application and it's ability to handle large documents.
> Also -- Spelling?  Is it reasonably mature?  I heard some bad things 
> about Star Office so I won't introduce her to that one.

My experience of KOffice is that it's not too bad - KPresenter in particular
is excellent - but StarOffice is significantly better for word processing. I
have not managed to get StarOffice 6.0-beta or OpenOffice working under
Debian (segfaults during the install) but 5.2 works quite well. It's ugly
but at least it seems to by WYSIWYG. Current AbiWord is probably also a
better bet than KWord. KWord doesn't seem to be WYSIWYG yet (which
apparently is a feature of Office that users like). I believe this is an
objective for the next release of KOffice.

I find all the current Office-type offerings grossly inadequate compared to
LaTeX, but I'm guessing that this would not be a viable option for you :)

- Daniel

*      Daniel Franklin - Postgraduate student in Electrical Engineering
*      University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia  *  d.franklin@ieee.org

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