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Re: missing text

I found that it works if I have font antialiasing turned off. If I have it
turned on then I cannot see Courier and Helvetica fonts. Anyone
know about this problem? ALso, Mike, are you using antialiasing?
If you are can I please see your Xftconfig file?


On October 15, 2001 09:50 pm, Michael Deertz wrote:
> On Monday 15 October 2001 08:22 pm, Sheldon Lee Wen wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >    I've noticed that for pages that use the <CODE> tags in html, the text
> > does not display in konqueror. However if I select the area where the
> > text is suppose to be and paste it  somewhere else, the text pastes. One
> > of the sites I cannot see the text on is:
> >
> > http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/Programming/lin
> >ux /
> >
> > Anyone come across this? Also, does this actually work for other people?
> Hello,
> This page works fine for me. Everything shows up properly. I also tested
> with a small local html file containing <CODE> tags, and it worked
> correctly. I'm thinking it might be a font problem. I'm using KDE2.2.1 and
> my font settings in Konqueror are:
> Standard:   Times New Roman
> Fixed:        Courier
> Serif:          Helvetica
> Sans Serif:  Helvetica
> Cursive:     Arial
> Fantasy:     Arial
> Hope this helps,
> Mike.

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