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Can't configure kdevelop

Hi everybody !

I can't set konqueror's default charset, using the kcontrol module or the 
configuration from the setting menu of konqueror.

I can change the charset (I want 8859-15 instead of 8859-1), but, if I leave 
the configuration module and open it again, the charset is still set on 

I don't have any problem for setting other things in this module.

If I look my ~/.kde/....../konquerorrc, I can see this line :

DefaultEncoding=iso 8859-15

So, it saves my choice, but konqueror don't take care of this line at startup 

I haven't made any bug report... Shall I ?

Thank for your help !!!!!

Using :

kdebase (the several packages)
kdebase-crypto 2.2.1-6
kdelibs (the several packages too) 2.2.1-9

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