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Re: Konqueror Strangeness

David Bishop wrote:
> RT> tilleyrw@tillarium:~$ konqueror &
> RT> tilleyrw@tillarium:~$ Xlib:  extension "RENDER" missing on display ":0.0".

> RT> Any ideas on why this occurs?

> It's simply saying that you don't have the RENDER extension loaded.  Either
> you [various reasons why RENDER might not be there].

While this is true, the "error" message is just informative; the
Xlib: warning should not prevent an application startup (Of course,
you didn't imply that it would be fatal either, I just thought this
needs a clarification).

'm fairly certain your problem lies elsewhere. You could try to
start konqueror with strace and try to find out what the app is
doing just before it
's gone again; and while you don't have source-level debugging
(you'd have to compile konqueror yourself, with -g option) with the
binary package, you could use ddd or gdb directly to try to look
into what the application is doing. I'm not certain how you can tell
gdb to stop right before the program quits, though; you might have
to step through the konqueror execution phase. 

If you don
't know how to use strace, man strace; if you don
't know how to use gdb (GNU debugger) or its frontend ddd (data
display debugger IIRC, apt-get install ddd to install), that last
option might be difficult to use (I'm just playing with gdb, so
questions WRT are not likely to be answered by me. Sorry.)

> HTH.

Dito, the strace might really help though. And check for open bug
reports for the .deb and in the kde bug tracking system, of course.

Yours Malte #8-)

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