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Re: KMail and Outlook?

> - I have Word 97 which doesn't read Word 2000 stuff (after all, this is
>   Microsoft). Staroffice does

Thats pretty much BS.  I hate seeing FUD spread around ... so the following 
should clear everything up.


only a few features aren't supported under Word97, and there are ones that 
people tend not to use (like a table within another table).  And even when 
Word97 runs into those newer features, it does a semi-decent job of trying to 
display the document correctly, as opposed to just screwing it up all the way.

Sunny Dubey.

PS:  I was unware that StarOffice 6 would be able to read OfficeXP's file 
formats, I wonder if the guys at Koffice plan to pick up on this.

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