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Re: KMail and Outlook?

On Sat, Oct 20, 2001 at 09:45:06PM +0200, Marc SCHAEFER wrote:
> On Sat, 20 Oct 2001, Franz Keferboeck wrote:
> > University with "Windows-only"-attachments (M$-Word-files, ...) and
> > she's
> Install Star Office 5.2, configure the .doc link in KDE, and then you can
> click from KMail and read in Star Office. It's going to be slow,
> unreliable, and may not work in all cases, but it will certainly better
> than rebooting to Windows. 

No, it's neither slow nor unreliable. I found that on average, Staroffice
correctly opens more .doc attachments I get than Word itself does.

This might be because

- Staroffice opens damaged .doc's that Word itself crashes on

- I define "correctly" as "in readable form" (Word loses completely if it's
  missing fonts)

- I have Word 97 which doesn't read Word 2000 stuff (after all, this is
  Microsoft). Staroffice does
- Staroffice doesn't take 4 hours to load a 50MB .doc file, only a couple
  minutes (had this twice)

The upcoming Staroffice 6 can also read the XP file formats (great, ANOTHER
new file format).
> > tired saving the attachnents and rebooting - just to open the file! Is
> > there a possibility to share the mail-folders between lin & win. It
> > would be best to be able to do this with KMail and Outlook (Express and
> > "normal"), but also other solutions qould be possible! Thnx in advance
> `leave mail on server' could be another option.

It might be the only one. Unix mail clients all use a common mail folder
format (even Netscape, with some manual work), so you can switch between
KMail, mutt, pine, etc. without any trouble.

Windows mailers, however, seem to have perverse fun in making it extra hard
for you to change your client. Outlook's format of course cannot be read
by other clients, and Outlook can only import other Outlook formats (yes,
there are completely different file formats for Outlook 4, 5, Outlook
Express 4, 5, and Outlook (Express) 2000).

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