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Re: KDE 3.0 (cvs) packages

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On Thursday 18 October 2001 10:35, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> yea..I finally got it all installed myself and saw those exact same
> issues.
> it'll clear up in the coming days I'm sure.  I'll get another build out
> that works.

Hi Ivan,

I just want to use KDE3.0 for development. I don't want to use any binaries 
from it. I was trying to install devel packages, but apt-get wants to remove 
a large portion of my KDE installation. 

I don't see why libarts1 would conflict libarts and thus noatun etc. would 
have to be removed. 

It looks like they conflict because there may be (are) individual file 
conflicts. However, this could be avoided by a proper renaming like done in 
tcl/tk installations.

Let's discuss it here a while and ask for other developers' ideas in 
debian-devel if appropriate.


orion:exa$ sudo apt-get -u -t unstable install libarts1
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
The following extra packages will be installed:
  kdelibs4 kdepim-libs koffice-libs libkmid0 libqt3-mt libsdl-mixer1.2
  libsdl1.2-dev libsdl1.2debian libsdl1.2debian-oss libsmpeg0 mpg321 smpeg-gtv
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  alephone artsbuilder avifile-player glaxium kasteroids kbattleship kde
  kde-devel kde-extras kde-games kdebase-audiolibs kdebase-dev kdelibs-dev
  kdemultimedia-dev kdepim-dev kjezz kmid kmidi knapster2 koffice-dev 
  libarts libarts-dev libarts-mpeglib libavifile0.6 libkmid libkmid-dev
  libkonq-dev libminimagick-dev libpolhem libsdl1.1 libsdl1.2 libsdl1.2-all
  noatun noatun-plugins oms-display-sdl synaesthesia tuxracer vlc-sdl xmps
  xmps-common xmps-dev xmps-gnome 
The following NEW packages will be installed:
  kdelibs4 libarts1 libkmid0 libqt3-mt libsdl1.2debian libsdl1.2debian-oss 
The following packages will be upgraded
  kdepim-libs koffice-libs libsdl-mixer1.2 libsdl1.2-dev libsmpeg0 mpg321
  smpeg-gtv smpeg-plaympeg 
8 packages upgraded, 6 newly installed, 43 to remove and 732  not upgraded.
Need to get 13.0MB of archives. After unpacking 7324kB will be freed.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] 

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Comp. Sci. Dept., Bilkent University, Ankara
www: http://www.cs.bilkent.edu.tr/~erayo
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