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Re: compiling kde stuff

> Wild shot in the blue, but have you tried with automake 1.4?
> automake 1.5 seems to break lots of KDE, see the megathread(s) on
> -devel; I got bit by it when trying to install Liquid 0.6 (do you
> build from Debian package sources or from CVS so that you *use*
> automake?) which warned at automake time but bombed out with really
> strange errors either at compile or link time (unfortunately, I
> don't really recall which exactly).

Indeed. Grabbing the tarball of automake-1.4 and making it
in /usr/local sorted problems out for me. Though I don't know
if it applies to this problem. When I was trying to install
liquid (a lovely, lovely package), the makefiles generated
by automake broke the compilation because of 'missing separators'.



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