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Re: Finally get to see what KDE2.2 looks like?

I have been running woody with no stability complaints for quite a while; I 
am running woody with those packages from sid that I have a good reason to 
install, such as KDE 2.2.1 (i.e., the sid version has fixed some glitch, 
offers a new feature, etc.). Going from potato to woody should be painless 
(aside from the volume of  downloads - what a difference a dsl connection 
makes :)). However, I have heard that there may be some glitches if you are 
going from Progeny to woody. I have not tried it recently (i.e., following 
their recent upgrade instructions, which hopefully catch any big pitfalls), 
but I have heard of problems in doing it without guidance. A straight apt-get 
dist-upgrade from progeny to woody may result in some unexpected failures 
(i.e. I know of someone doing a straight Progeny install, then adjusting the 
/etc/apt/sources.list to woody, and doing an apt-get dist-upgrade, and ending 
up killing their network connection). 

For a workstation installation, going to woody is worth the trouble.


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