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Re: Konsole keys problem

Am Montag, 1. Oktober 2001 20:38 schrieb Achim Bohnet:
> On Monday 01 October 2001 18:24, Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> > 4.1 (local), the same on the remote X3.3.6 host:
> > <home> output: ^[[1~
> > <end> output: ^[[4~
> Very strange!  All a terminal application 'sees' are the
> printable chars and escape sequences that konsole generated.
> And for home/end konsole you wrote that the same escape sequence
> are the same. Confused!

Me, too! The strange thing is that only Konsole does this.

> > (local):
> > linux:/usr/share/apps/konsole# egrep Home\|End default.Keytab
> > key Home  -Shift   : "\E[1~"
> > key End   -Shift   : "\E[4~"
> > remote has nothing like such a file.
> default.Keytab the default is compiled into konsole that there
> is no default.Keytab is no problem.

with remote, I meant a host I log into by using ssh

> Nevertheless it proves that it it not bug in the konsole code,
> just a misconfiguratin somewhere ;)

it's not a bug, it's a feature? ;->

> I miss the most important info: output of cat<return><home><end> in the
> xterm. Replacing <home>-, <end>- sequences that xterm emits in your
> favorite *keytab should fix your Home/End Key problem you have with
> konsole.

in xterm:
hendrik@linux:~$ cat

So the ~ is missing there, or to better say, it is too much in konsole's 
keytab file.
But how do I change it? Every chang to default.Keytab seem to be ignored.
I had to copy it to my local .kde dir :-/ with now having an extra entry.
Changing \E[4~ to \E[H did not help! MC now does not print 4~ anymore, 
instead it prints H
Same for the <End> key.

By the way, how do I enable the nodeadkeys Option in X4's config file?
The man page cannot be called as that in X4.


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