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Re: Eureka -- This Means Something!

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On Wednesday 24 October 2001 08:53 pm, Robert Tilley wrote:
<snip normal stuff>
> tillarium:/home/tilleyrw# kio (KProtocolInfo): ERROR: Protocol '' not found
<more snippage>
> The above is the result from a recent suggestion to discover the cause of
> konq not konq'ing when menu driven.  If anyone can tell me what this all
> means, I'd certainly appreciate it.

I've seen the "protocol '' not found" before, it was almost always when I 
upgraded between diffferent kde versions without restarting.  Either a major 
2.1->2.2 upgrade, or even just some 2.2.0-4 to 2.2.0-6 sorta stuff.  I know 
it sounds silly, but have you logged off and back on?  And if that doesn't 
work, log off, *move* your .kde to .kde.BAK, and try again.  If it works 
then, your options are to either blow away the config stuff and start over, 
or possibly just the konqueror.rc (or whatever it is) in there.  Both are 
fairly painless, unless you are heavily into modifiying your desktop.

> Before the "kdeinit: Fatal IO error: client killed" I had clicked the close
> box on the newly opened window.

So wait, does this mean it did open a window when starting from the 
command-line?  A window that when to your normal start-up page?  If so, 
double-check that the menu item or task-bar-button-thingie are calling what I 
told you to run.  If not, that got screwed up somehow and just needs to be 
reset manually.


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