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Re: Konsole keys problem

On Monday 01 October 2001 09:29, Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> Hi,

Let's start a fresh thread ;)
> the home and end keys in konsole do not work anymore (I tried every keyboard 
> setting there). Strange is that when I ssh to a host with X3.3.6 they work, 
> on a host with X4.1 they don't.
> Bug??? Compilation problem???

No, just a configuration mess!  Basicly there are 2 different kind of
escape sequences:

linux.keytab:key Home   : "\E[1~"
linux.keytab:key End    : "\E[4~"
vt100.keytab:key Home   : "\E[H"
vt100.keytab:key End    : "\E[F"

xterm in 3.3.6 used the linux bindings as default (see /etc/X11/Xresources/xterm
in unstable)  Try Alt-F1 and cat<return><home><end>.

In 4.* xterm changed looks like it was deceided to be more 'vt100 emulation'.

To enhance confusion, konsoles default.Keytab despite called 'xterm (Xfree 4.x.x)'
still use 3.3.6 binding -> break home/end in mc (I've a real (well, real debian)
xterm.keytab but upstream did not comment on it).

Working on testing with X 4.1 using konsoles vt100 bindings mc works locally but
ssh to stable with X 3.3.6 -> mc ignores Home/End.

Switching to linux bindings breaks Home/End in mc on testing but slogin to
stable and run mc you have working Home/End.

So two 'solutions': Change keyboard settings in konsole depending if you work
on stable or unstable. Or hack a keytab file and and e.g.,  Key Home+Control
and Key End+Control to emit the second type of Home-End escape sequence.

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