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Re: Kwork/Koffice

I'm really a big fan of the New KOffice (the full
release, not the beta). It's got a great set of
features, including handling *.doc files--which was
one of the biggest barriers to migrating completely to
Linux). Spellchecking seems fine. Basically, it was a
damned good word processor. Plus it won the best word
processor award from one of the Linux magazines
recently (sorry, my back issues are in a box, and I
can't check them for more info right now).

Having said that, I did have a few problems getting it
to work. When I first tried it on debian (loading the
unstable packages into a woody distribution) I got a
sigfault about halfway into the second page. I think
that was because I'd screwed up the installation,

When I upgraded everything to unstable, it worked
fine. Unfortunately, I had to quickly pack my linux
box away and ship it across the pacific. I'm still
waiting for it to arrive (now using a borrowed,
non-Linux computer), so I haven't been able to really
stress test it. But, from what I saw, I liked the look
and feel a lot better than AbiWord.

KWord and AbiWord seem to be the top contenders, whith
StarOffice a lagging third. I suggest you try them all
out, and then make up your mind.


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