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Re: kmail and gpg

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On Wednesday 17 October 2001 04:40 pm, Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2001 00:58 schrieb Russell Coker:
> > I notice that you are sending PGP/GPG signed email with kmail, so I
> > presume that it's working OK for you.

Yes :-)

> > When I see your messages GPG takes ages to process the signature (a
> > minute or more on a P3-650).  So I generally run "killall gpg" in another
> > window.
> >
> > How do you find gpg performance with kmail?  What do you suggest that I
> > look at to try and solve the problem?

The only remaining problems I have with kmail and gpg is when someone has a 
huge multiply-signed key (like Marc Mutz), where even though I have his 
public key, it takes about 6 seconds just to process it on a Piii733.  That 
is being worked on for the next release of kde by Ingo Klocker and Marc.  Oh, 
and another random enhancement is making the gpg identity portion of kmail 
into a dropdown list rather than having to type it in, so that you can't mess 
it up like a lot of people (including me) do....

> That is when gpg times out. Kmail waits for gpg to check the signature.
> When you have a keyserver mentioned in .gnupg/options, then gpg might need
> a little bit longer. Nothing wrong there.
> I had this problem with Davids mails, too, but I do not know where I got
> his public key file from. Once in the list of the installed-keys, the
> problem vanished.
> Hendrik

You probably had that problem before I remembered I hadn't uploaded my key to 
the keyservers :-)  I put all three of them on the mit keyserver about three 
weeks ago, so anyone that uses it or any mirrors should be okay.  Of course, 
if you add the options in your .gpg/options file that Chris was talking 
about, you won't have this problem either :-)  But just to take the load of 
your sholders, I'm attaching my public key so you can just save and import it 

Have a nice day!

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