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Re: kde objprelink and new binutils

On Fri, 19 Oct 2001, Philipp Siegert wrote:

> I tried to compile KDE 2.2.1 with the latest Debian/unstable. The kdelibs 
> compile without problems but the kde-config program which is located in 
> kdelibs/kdecore/kde-config segfaults on my two tested machines. This program 
> is needed for all other packages in the configure script.
> I never had this problem with earlier Debian versions. Unfortunaly I can't 
> find any older binutils versions on the debian ftp-server and I can't verify 
> that the binutils are the real problem. Chris, could you send me a location 
> where to download older binutil packages ?

I'll put them up somewhere.  Objprelink shouldn't be used, IIRC.  I'm
working on getting the necessary changes done for using Jakub Jelinek's
prelink work, though.

What version of binutils would you like and also, what architecture are
you having problems on?


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