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Re: Anti-aliased fonts in KDE 2.2.1: ``Adobe" fonts not available when anti-aliasing enabled

Bruce Miller wrote:
> Wolfgang, Thanks for the tip. I checked the fonts.scale. Two follow-
> ups:
> 1. In a sense, your reply only deepens the mystery. For example,
> with anti-aliasing enabled, ``Nimbus Roman No9 L" appears in
> KDE's font list, but ``Times" does not. With anti-aliasing disabled,
> both names appear in KDE's font list.

There is no mystery. Antialias is possible _only_ with Type1 and 
TrueType fonts. So, if you have antialias on, you can use only type1 
and truetype fonts in apps what are using antialias. Xft (which 
provides antialias) is completely different mechanism to give fonts to 
the apps by X and is not related standard X/xfs methods.


Hasso Tepper
KDE Estonian Team

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