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Re: fixed width fonts for konsole

On October 8, 2001 03:14, Giles Constant wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> What font is everyone using for konsole when anti-aliased fonts are turned
> on?
> The only two that seem to work that I've found are the various forms of
> courier and Lucida console, both of which look at best, horrible, and at
> worst, unreadable.  'v' and 'V' look rather too similar - I spent nearly 2
> hours trying to debug some python code that was referencing
> "cursor.oidValue" instead of "cursor.oidvalue" thanks to that one :-(
> Is there a truetype or type1 equivalent to "fixed/misc" out there?

If you run Konsole with the --noxft option, it turns off the anti-aliasing 
and lets you use your standard fonts, I find this works best.

- Kamil

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