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This question may offend some, but I just have to ask it.

While advocating the virtues of Linux to my wife, I convinced her to start her term paper on AbiWord (about 2 years ago). By the third page of her paper, everything crashed in AbiWord and it was simply incapable of typing more than 2-3 characters without some serious display problems.

Needless to say, Linux to a serious beating that day as I was hastily installing a complete Windows / Office installation on one of my other Linux boxes. I didn't even bother with a dual boot option. I was in a hurry, OK?

Under the Woody/Testing version of Debian I have Kword 1.1 (pre-beta2) on KDE 2.1.2.

Simply put: I want to know if Koffice/Kde/Debian (testing only) is going to be a presentable enough that I might offer it up to her again.

I'm looking for experiences with Kword and it's ability to perform on large papers. Feature-wise, I have never managed to migrate past what Word 4.0 offered, so I'm not looking for much. Actually nothing more than what HTML offers would be fine as far as page layout. What's really important is the integrity and stability of the application and it's ability to handle large documents. Also -- Spelling? Is it reasonably mature? I heard some bad things about Star Office so I won't introduce her to that one.


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