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Re: KDE completely broken?

Ben Burton wrote:
> So is anyone else finding all of KDE broken after today's upgrade, or is
> it just me and my system?

Works fine here [*].

> Today's upgrade included the latest X; not sure if that has anything to do
> with it.

[*] However, kdm is broken for mewith the latest X; it just restarts
after starting any session, be it kde2 or something else. I work
around that ATM by editing out the twm in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc,
starting X as a user via startx and typing startkde. Ugly... This is
actually a known problem from Branden's beta X packages that I
installed but which did not go into sid. I don't know if he did not
fix the problem before uploading the final X4.1.0-7 or if some
residue from the preliminary packages persist on my system. But this
is probably unrelated to your problem...

Yours Malte #8-)

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