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Re: Kwork/Koffice

I am taking the liberty of sending you a copy of my 0.02 version of a not 
quite newbies' guide to running a ``mixed" Debian system.

Following is the cover message which I sent to the 25+ plus people who e-
mailed me asking for a copy:

[forwarded message begins]
I have already had some kind comments on the ``How to upgrade to KDE 
2.2.1 - a not quite newbies' guide''. Thank you. Less than kind comments, 
criticisms, suggestions for improvements, etc, etc all welcome.

<Banging head hard on keyboard>. A kind offer to host the draft on a 
website reminded me that my ISP does offer Web space which I had in fact 
been using to back up the webmaster of our church web site (see plug 
below). There is enough space for two copies of a 12K document. The 
URL is http://members.home.com/brucemiller1 and I hope to have the post 
mounted by Friday morning. In the meantime, the text is attached. I will 
also post this message on the Libranet message list as soon as I get the 
new web page mounted.

When it is more finished, I would like to post this document to a Web site 
where it could be more readily found. Does anyone know if 
www.debian.org have an area for informal contributions? The guide is not 
formal enough to be a HOW-TO or even a mini-HOW-TO. Does anyone 
read www.debianplanet.org ? or www.linuxnewbie.org ?
On the appearance of the guide: This was the first document that I have 
drafted in AbiWord. As a work in progress, AbiWord has no help files. The 
help documentation on the abisource Web site covers only the most basic 
functions (everyone knows how to open files or change fonts; why not put 
in something useful like how to insert a Web hyperlink ?? :-( The HTML 
version of the guide is a straight ``Save as HTML'' from AbiWord's editing 
screen. I am concentrating at the moment on content and will put the text 
into better HTML once the content is nailed down. 

Off-topic plug: Most of the web page space is given to two MP3s from the 
Choir of St Matthew's Anglican Church in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The 
musical tradition of the Anglican Church (the Episcopalian Church in the 
USA) is not everyone's favourite, especially as it is based on choirs of men 
and boys (boy sopranos, or ``trebles'' as they are known) but it is a 
tradition that is centuries old and very beautiful. Our small central Ottawa 
parish has a 45-year history of one of the finest church choirs in North 
America. In the four years since our youngest son joined the choir, two 
former Head Choristers have had soloist debuts at the Metropolitan Opera 
in New York City. The CD from which these two MP3s were drawn was a 
project to support the CAD 500,000 (US$ 350,000) project to restore the 
church organ. The restoration is scheduled to be completed at the end of 
November 2001.
[forwarded message ends]

On 25 Oct 2001 at 20:20, Tom Allison wrote:

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How do I do that?
I vaguely remember something about a command line to apt-get that will
point a package/package mask to a specific distro
(stable/woody/testing/sid/...) but I didn't see anything in 'man

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