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Bad disk blocks

Take a look at the badblocks program (man 8 badblocks) and the 
e2fsck program (man 8 e2fsck) [particularly the "-l" option.

On Tue, Oct 16, 2001 at 09:52:09AM -0500, Robert Tilley wrote:
> I have just installed a fresh unstable system following a disk reformat caused  by development of bad sectors.  (Hint: A tool that would check and lock out these bad sectors would be good, kinda like Norton for Debian.)
> X is broken after upgrading to unstable from stable.  Is this that most recent error which was fixed by putting quotes around a certain string, or something new?
> Thank you,
> Robert Tilley, tilleyrw@cfl.rr.com
> P.S.  Please e-mail responses to the above address, as my news (and X) aren't
>       working yet.
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