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Re: KMail and Outlook?

Hi Franz

You might want to take a look at the mswordview package.  The 
mswordview program will convert an MSWord document to an HTML page. 
Another package (that I use) is catdoc.  Catdoc includes a program 
called wordview that displays MSWord files sans formatting.  Catdoc 
can also handle some Excell file types.

Catdoc will (optionally) install itself as a MIME.type to allow mail 
programs such as mutt to view MSWord documents.  I don't know about 
KMail but suspect that it handles the mime system too.

> Im just facing a rather "unnatural" problem: My mom uses Linux and KDE for 
> several weeks now aside Windows (same HDD!) - and she's really satisfied. She 
> does all Internet-stuff in Linux, also eMail. But she often gets eMails from 
> University with "Windows-only"-attachments (M$-Word-files, ...) and she's 
> tired saving the attachnents and rebooting - just to open the file! Is there 
> a possibility to share the mail-folders between lin & win. It would be best 
> to be able to do this with KMail and Outlook (Express and "normal"), but also 
> other solutions qould be possible! Thnx in advance
> Franz

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