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Re: Anti-aliased fonts in KDE 2.2.1: ``Adobe" fonts not available when anti-aliasing enabled

Thank you for the pointers to XftConfig. I had worked with that file 
on a previous Linux installation. I will review the Font HOW-TO, the 
Font De-uglification HOW-TO and the Anti-Aliasing HOW-TO before 
going back to rework it again.

My present question was somewhat different. The list of available 
fonts which appears in the Fonts module of the KDE Control Center 
changes depending on whether the use anti-aliased fonts checkbox 
is marked or not. The most obvious difference is that the well-
known 35 Type 1 fonts (including Helvetica, Times, etc) disappear 
when anti-aliased fonts are implemented by using the checkbox. 
The fonts are installed; it is something in the anti-aliasing process 
which causes them to disappear from the list of available fonts. 
This is the behaviour which I am trying to understand.

On 11 Oct 2001, at 0:09, Jens Benecke wrote:

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On Wed, Oct 10, 2001 at 02:42:58PM -0400, Bruce Miller wrote:

> I have upgraded Libranet Linux 1.9.1 from potato to woody and added
> KDE 2.2.1 from sid. These upgrades install XFree 4.1.0. I
> immediately began to experience font problems. In trying to track
> them down, I updated a number of xfonts, gsfonts, gsfonts-x11
> packages. Everything appears to be working now, except that, when
> anti-aliasing .. ..ttom line for the moment: one can have
> anti-aliasing or the 35 ``standard Adobe fonts" but not both. Is
> there a way to have one's font cake and eat it too?

You have to tell XFree86 which fonts to substitute for the
(non-truetype) Helvetica etc. fonts. This is done in XftConfig.

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