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Re: Kwork/Koffice

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> On Wednesday 24 October 2001 20:54 pm, Tom Allison wrote:
> > I'll ask you the same thing I asked of LaTeX.
> > Any suggestions on "tutorial" sites to introduce me to this
> > further?
> >
> > I'm very, very unfamiliar with what these are and would like a
> > little help getting started.  I am under the impression that
> > these are a bit more powerful than 'notepad.exe'...
> I'm no expert on LaTex.  It is a very powerful way to typeset
> complex documents.  It can produce professional quality output as
> good as any printing house.  I think it is not for the casual user.
> Lyx is a WYSIWYM* front end to LaTex.  You don't have to know
> anything about LaTex to use it.  

At least, you have to know a little bit of the Latex philosophy, to 
understand why Lyx does the things the way it does. Specialy if you 
come from an WYSIWYG Processor, you will be surprised of some things 
and may not value them as strength of the Latex approach. 

Latex rules, specialy for laaarge documents.


PS. StarOffice in most points is as good as MSOffice, in some is even 
better (stability). And yes its FREE.

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