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Re: Konqueror and Flash


I've downloaded and installed Flash 5, now the popups are gone although some 
flash sites don't work (eg the menu on the german netzine telepolis, 
www.telepolis.de -> select an article, the menu should be on the left).


Am Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2001 16:28 schrieb Regnat Nikolaus:
> Hi, I'm trying to get Flash working with Konqueror (2.2.1). I copied the
> files (ShockwaveFlash.class, libflashplayer.so) to
> /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. Konqueror detected the plugins (they appear in
> Settings->Netscape
> Plugins->Plugins) but everytime I try to access a Flash site the annoying
> Flash download windows pop up and Flash does not work.
> When I use mozilla (0.9.5) Flash works perfect. So can anyone tell me whats
> wrong with Konqueror? Am I doing anything wrong or do I have to enable
> something?
> Nikolaus

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