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Re: [wturkal@cbu.edu: Bug#114274: libarts-alsa: will not drive alsa]

> Who all is having problems with the libarts-alsa package?

I don't use KDE currently (it randomly freezes on my laptop a few minutes
after login) but I have had some experience with ALSA recently. The latest
version of arts is 0.9betasomething whereas the latest version of
libarts-alsa is 0.5something. From my experiences with ALSA, there was a
change in the protocol ALSA uses in communicating through the /dev devices.
Thus applications which use ALSA 0.5 libraries won't work with ALSA 0.9
kernel modules.

It's a bit of a mess actually. There are 0.9 versions of the various ALSA
packages in testing except alsa-base or something like that which are 0.5 in
testing and 0.9 in unstable. In order to get ALSA to work on my system I
hade to install all the 0.9 packages from testing and some from unstable.

Two possible solutions would be to recompile/port libarts-alsa with alsa 0.9
or split it into a 0.5 and 0.9 version.


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