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Re: objprelink and lintian errors

On Sunday 16 September 2001 09:15, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> > With now having kde starting MUCH slower. Great work.
> What an asshole you are I swear.  I work my ass off to provide the proper
> and most stable/secure KDE environment for Debian and you start being a
> prick. Screw you!  You should first go off and learn some manners, then go
> off and learn some programming skills so that you would first learn what
> your talking about before you start being a dick.
> Damn, this is why I'm spending more time away from the computer these days.
> Ivan

	BRAVO ZULU to Ivan! Again! (for you non-military that means DAMN FINE WORK!)

	Damnit, people, wake the hell up!! This man is doing this for US!!! Not 

"HE" knows how to compile and package all these apps. Do you?
"HE" spends untold hours/days going thru bug reports and correcting stuff for 
us. Do You?
"HE" doesn't get any monitary compensation for these hours of work. Do you?
"HE" is just doing this outta the kindness of his heart and because he 
cares!! Do you?

	So, when people like the original poster do what they do to him, I see us 
one step closer to having NO-ONE MAINTAINING KDE FOR DEBIAN!!!!!!!!!

	Get your head out people!! If you don't have a full grasp on a situtaion, 
please don't jump to conclusions and make matters worse. That is what this 
news-group is for. Asking question, getting answers, learning. If you're 
having a bad day, take it out on something inanimate. Not a person (even 
though he/she can't reach you to slap you down as you deserve).

	Ivan, the offer still stands. Dinner of yer choice, at the restuarant of yer 
choice. Central Oregon doesn't offer a lot, but it's open ended, until I'm 
dead!! :--)

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