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Re: compiling qt tutorials

Sheldon Lee-Wen wrote:

> /home/sheldonl/development/learnqt/learnqt/lcdrange.cpp:23: undefined 
> reference to `LCDRange::QPaintDevice virtual table'
> /home/sheldonl/development/learnqt/learnqt/lcdrange.cpp:23: undefined 
> reference to `LCDRange virtual table'

I think you missing the `moc` run and/or don't link the moc*.o files
with your executable.

See the text "Using the Meta Object Compiler" of the QT reference
documentation (file:/usr/share/doc/libqt2/doc/html/moc.html), especially
the usage methods at 25% of the document.

Viktor Rosenfeld
WWW: http://www.informatik.hu-berlin.de/~rosenfel/

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