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[no subject] "New DFSG" Re: "test" boot-floppies set for slink has been uploaded Re: "The Trojan Horse": a small inaccuracy Re: 'sudo' recommendations 'sudo' recommendations (fwd) (fwd) Bad Maintiner Addresses (fwd) COMMERCIAL: NetServa Systems (fwd) Devscripts maintainer (la)tex on remote booted machines? (SOLVED!) Re: upgrade today killed netscape *please* delete mutt-i from non-us ./configure questions (GNU Zebra) .xsession symlinked to .xinitrc? Re: /etc/environment (related with bug #28446) /etc/issue in slink /etc/services entries for GNU Zebra? 2.0.36-Kernel and frozen Re: [Andreas Tille <>] Fix for memory leaks in gdk and glib Re: [ Proposal] [] Secure computers [ Slink Packages] [Fwd: No vulnerability known in SSH-1.2.26] Re: [gtk-list] CVS snapshot .deb package scripts commited to GLib CVS [Q] Problems installing OSS on a slink machine running on 2.1.127 [ gnumaniak 1.0] [ Email sent by you blocked because it contains encrypted data.] [ [ale] DEC Multias] __register_frame_info problem resolved? __register_frame_info: A complete scan Abolish antisexism rules! Long live the equivalence of people! Re: Abolish antisexism rules! Long live the equivalence of people! Re: Abolish antisexism rules! Long live the equivalence of people! Absent until 11/17 ACE package? ACE-4.6.4 packages available for testing Adding automount as standard administrative mirror of master All maintainers of Imlib using applications attention alpha computers ALS '98 Re: Ammendment: Constituion Amusing bugreport Another mirroring problem? Antwort: Release-critical Bug Report for November 7 Re: Anyone intersted in my C tool-library ? Anyone packaging BeroFTPD ? Anyone want to go to an `InstallFest' in Virginia ? anyone want to maintain guavac? APM in the default kernel Apologize Re: Apologize (OFF TOPIC) APT 0.1.9 (yes, 0.1.9!) is released! Apt problem? Re: Apt UI design Re: Apt UI design, version 2 Architecture: source i386 all Are DFSG free package in non-us part of Debian? Are there libglib docs in slink? ARRRGH! NMU of X! As a result of the "MUA" thread, I present, mutt Away next week Away till Dec 8th Bad Maintiner Addresses bash completion Bash in xterm under x* bash logins: a little buggy (and potentially dangerous)? Bay Area debian meeting better integration of packages Bill Gate's book binaries compiled on slink don't run anywhere else Binding the Windows-Key to Alt in X11 bo mirrors bo mirrors ? Bogus locations in slink master Packages files? Re: boot disks (was Re: developer status again) bsdmainutils, wenglish: where is /usr/dict/words? buffer overflow in ssh Re: buffer overflow in ssh IT IS A STUPID JOKE!! Bug #26984 libc6-doc: info files problem Bug tracking software? Bug Tracking System Re: Bug#22007: [AMENDMENT 98.11.01] Fixing of typo in packaging manual Re: Bug#27334: libc resolver problem solved (critical bug) Re: Bug#29104: X packages provide instead of replace Bug#29387: general: slink Packages file doesn't match site contents building test suites from bug reports Re: bylo: jak zwykle o wszystkim... C++ expert with some time needed ... Calendar dates for 1999 The last update was on 07:41 GMT Sun May 19. There are 2743 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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