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Re: __register_frame_info: A complete scan

Jason Gunthorpe writes:
 > On Sun, 29 Nov 1998, Richard Braakman wrote:
 > > All these binaries need to be recompiled for slink; they will break with
 > > the new libc6.  I excluded C++ binaries from the scan, since they don't
 > > need to be recompiled -- they just need an updated libstdc++.
 > Is this actually right? AFAIK NO library or aplication should define this
 > as a dynamic symbol, it should always be statically linked. Has anyone
 > asked the egcs people about it?

AFAIK the libc6/libm defining the __register_frame_info symbol was
compiled by an egcs-1.0.x or a self installed egcs. Before asking, I 
want to verify, that this is still the case with the current
egcs-1.1.1 prerelease #4.


PS: The first egcs- upload was corrupted :-( Is there any
    way that I can verify that the files are correctly built?

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