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Re: [scoop@freshmeat.net: gnumaniak 1.0]

Ben Gertzfield wrote:
> >>>>> "Ben" == Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@pilot.msu.edu> writes:
>     Tom> This sounds very useful! Are we going to package it somehow?
>     Ben> The problem is that one of the license requirements (3c (?)) 
>     Ben> puts it into non-free.
> Again, the DFSG can't really apply to documentation. Look at the Perl
> FAQ; we'd have to put it in non-free if we applied the DFSG to
> documentation.
> This has come up before :)

 Is this true about not applying to documentation?

 After a few emails, ragnar is convinced to modify his license
 'for the good of gnumanity' ;)

 He is currently contacting his co-authors to run the idea by them.

 If this documentation-exemption is true, then I feel I've been lying
 to him by telling him he needs to change it to get it into main.


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