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Re: Amusing bugreport

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Also note that a lot of open bugs are might be fixed. At least I tend
> to upload a fixed package, and wait for dinstall to tell me that it is
> installed before closing the bugs. And then of course I completely forget
> about it until I do some quarterly bug-browsing. Someone should write a
> tool to download all bugs for a maintainer so you can browse them
> offline :)

Hm, I tend to use this to make a local mirror of my bugs so I can look at
them offline on my laptop:

install -d /home/joey/debian/bugs/
cd /home/joey/debian/bugs/
mkdir tmp
cd tmp
wget -X Bugs/db/si -r -l 1 -nv $@ \
cd ..
rm -r www.debian.org
mv tmp/www.debian.org .
rmdir tmp

see shy jo

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