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[vernard@cc.gatech.edu: [ale] DEC Multias]

I'm not sure how great of a deal this is, however it looks interesting
for those of us who would like to help out with the alpha port, sadly
I'm not in a position to get one for myself however..

Zephaniah E, Hull..
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In case most of you folks didn't know, CPUMicroMart is selling DEC Multia's for
$99 plus shipping. I personally have one of these machines and while they
aren't the greatest machines on the planet, they make very nice Xterminals. 

Barebones Multia
 166mhz DEC Alpha Processor, 256k Cache
 Integrated Ethernet adapter (RJ45, supports 10baseT, 10base2, ThinNet)
 2 PCMCIA slots
 Integrated SVGA Video 2MB RAM (8 bpp only)
 Serial and parallel ports
 PS/2 Style Keyboard and Mouse ports
 16 Bit Sound
 SCSI-2 Adapter
 Floppy drive
 Vertical stand for Multia case
 90 Day warranty 

THe memory isn't as easy to come by these days and its almost impossible to
find a reasonably priced 2.5" scsi hard drive. Nevertheless, they make pretty
good xtermiansl and if you drop a cheap pci video card in them you can even get
higher bit planes for graphics).

Anyway, I called these folks and they said that they will give a discount on
these things if they are ordered in bulk. Not much of a saving. $90 for 10 of
them plus $9.50 shipping. So if we order them together we can basically get
them for $99 including shipping. Not a big savings but still a savings

If you are interested in purchasing one of these things, then drop me some
email. I might get together an order. THe more the merrier.

Vernard Martin (vernard@cc.gatech.edu)  http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~vernard/      
Georgia Tech, College of Computing 

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