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Re: Are DFSG free package in non-us part of Debian?

It seems that at present, the way packages are organized (having non-us)
is a very US-centric way of doing things.  There are practical reasons
for this (US-based CD distribution, etc).

I think most would agree that if we can find a good solution (and implement it)
for these practical issues, it would be better if we had a package/directory
structure that was more generic/international.

Would it be possible to satisfy these country-specific legal issues using
the existing depends/conflicts mechanism in dpkg?

For example:  could we make a virtual package called not-legal-in-US and
make RSA-patent-containing packages depend on it?
How about a not-legal-on-US-mirrors virtual package that would help flag
packages that should not be exported from the US.

It would not be difficult to script up a solution getting valid US-mirror
or US-CD-images from this.  Another advantage would be that it could easily
apply to laws of other countries.  It would be much easier to add a
not-legal-in-DE virtual package than to create a new non-DE directory
on all mirrors.

Maybe we should hash out a technical solution to this, then move the
discussion to debian-policy.

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