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[comp.security] Secure computers


>>>> "Matt" == Matthew Devney <mdevney@pilot.net> said: 

Matt> Take it off the network, unplug it, lock the case, encase it in
Matt> 19 feet of concrete, and you can pretty much guarantee it'll be
Matt> safe.  But the security consultant will still worry.

>>>> "Dennis" == "Dennis" <dennis0307@hotmail.com> said: 

Dennis> Be careful though ... I've heard some people complain about
Dennis> marginal network performance with that configuration ...

>>>> "Bachrach" == "Bachrach V1.0" <Bachrach@netreach.net> said: 

Bachrach> someone could still use some chemical reaction to eat
Bachrach> through the concrete, and get at the computer. You could
Bachrach> then take out the hard drive, and examine it under an
Bachrach> electron microscope to figure out what was on it. (Even if
Bachrach> it was encrypted, passworded, deleted, etc.)

	Correct. Eternal vigilance is the key. Take it off the
 network, unplug it, lock the case, encase it in a cube of concrete 20
 feet on a side. Then take the concrete block, and suspend it by a
 steel-cored hawser, hanging off an Steel A from, such that the cube
 is at least 20 feet off the ground. Install pressure sensers all
 around the A frame. Put the A frame and sensors on a fenced concrete
 compound about a 100 feet on a side, with bright lights on all
 corners and on each side, including a light at the top of the A fram,
 and one under neath the cube. Make sure that the hawser and the A
 frame are electrically secure (i.e., have a noncundoctor in the

	Put manned watch towers all around, with motiton detectors
 socketed into heavy machine guns. Make sure the guards on site can't
 turn off the defenses (keep the key in a bank vault offsite). 

	Even then the system is not secure, but you are getting close.

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