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better integration of packages


i would like to see better integration of packages as ssh or
gnome-session into the system. i have to edit skripts by myself to
have an ssh-agent running in x, same with gnome-session (which does
not work for me: ** ERROR **: file gnometypes.c: line 30
(gnome_type_init): assertion failed: (type_id != GTK_TYPE_INVALID)).
also i would like to have an redirected output of the windowmanager to
the xconsole, so i can see, what went wrong if i start programs out of
the menu and they don't come up.

what do you think? is this an old, often diskussed issue or is it just
a bad idea? hope this mixup of 3 different suggestions won't screw up
the thread - what all have together is that they need an  entry in

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