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Re: APT 0.1.9 (yes, 0.1.9!) is released!

Steve Dunham <dunham@cse.msu.edu> writes:

> BTW, if anyone is looking for ideas: a command line program to query
> the available cache would be a nice addition, something that can list
> package names with Versions and Short Descriptions, and provide
> complete records for individual packages.  Like "dpkg -l" and "dpkg
> -s" except for uninstalled packages.  (Unfortunately "dpkg -l *"
> doesn't list the versions or descriptions of uninstalled packages.)

I use a script based on apt-cache to do something similar:
- copy debs from the cache into a local mirror.
- build Packages files for the local mirror using dpkg-scanpackages.

That way I don't have to download everything from 2.0 on up everytime
I build a brand new debian server (about once a week), and I can use
apt to do it. Works great !

Does that meet your requirements ?

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